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Anderson Law Office

1809 Springdale Street
Suite 204
Mount Horeb WI 53572
(608) 437-5592



Anderson Law Office is Mt. Horeb’s newest option for a wide variety of legal services.

Whether you’re buying your first home, ending your marriage, or involved in a dispute with your neighbor, Anderson Law Office is here to help.  We approach each issue with the expertise and attention to detail necessary to ensure that you get the results you deserve, but we also exercise a great deal of compassion and diplomacy to prevent small issues from exploding into large conflicts, which is particularly helpful in smaller communities like Mt. Horeb.

Principal attorney, Jason R. Anderson, was raised right next door in Barneveld, so he knows the communities, the culture, and the people of this area, and he can navigate this environment better than an expensive attorney from a big firm in Madison.

If you have a legal issue that’s been weighing on your mind, call us today!  Most cases are entitled to a free, initial consultation to determine the scope of your issue and the need for an attorney, so take the first step and make an appointment at Anderson Law Office.