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Glitter to Gore Mount Horeb

122 E. Main Street
Mount Horeb WI 53572
(608) 437-4673


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“We’re a bit different – we don’t subscribe to the ordinary and mundane aspects of a “normal” existence. Instead, we approach our lives by embracing the ability to express ourselves through body art and fx make-up. If there’s a product you need and you can’t find it, let us know and we’ll do our best to provide it for you – or point you in the right direction to find it.”

We pride ourselves in our values and practicing good business to maintain the highest respect from our customers. Our organizational values include: Excellence, Honesty and Quality. We believe in selling our customers the best product for their project and their budget, while educating them on the proper use and application.

We strive to understand what our customers need and also what our customers’ skill levels are at the time of purchase. Selling a customer a product above and beyond their skill level will keep them from purchasing from us in the future.