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Mount Horeb United Methodist Church

9542 County Road S
Mount Horeb WI 53572
(608) 437-3088

Mount Horeb United Methodist Church


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Within this local congregation, we share these core beliefs and values which we express through our actions:

1) We believe God loves us and is present in every part of our lives, so we strive to offer an experience of God’s presence through our hospitality.

2) We are disciples of Jesus Christ, who lived and died so we are forgiven. We invite all people to come to know God’s love through Jesus Christ and follow him together.

3) We understand God’s call to service through Christ’s example, so we respond to God’s call by serving others by supporting missions and “hands on” Christian service.

4) Bible study, prayer, sacraments and stewardship are essential practices of our faith. We invite each person to grow into his or her next steps of practicing their faith.

5) We believe God values everyone equally, and we encourage each person to name, claim and live into their gifts for ministry and leadership.