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Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q. What is the Trollway?
A. The Trollway is Mount Horeb’s Main Street, so named because of the many life-sized carved trolls that line the street.

Q. How do I find the trolls?
A. A printable map to the trolls is available on our website, or you can stop in our Welcome Center at 300 E. Main Street to pick up a visitor guide that includes a troll map.

Q. Why trolls?
A. The Mount Horeb area was largely settled by people of Scandinavian descent, and trolls originated from early Scandinavian folklore. They are usually similar in size to dwarves or elves. Trolls tend to dwell in mounds or near the sea – in our case, mounds (nearby Blue Mounds).

Q. Do you speak Norwegian?
A. Many of our long time residents do. However, the most you will get out of the Chamber staff is a hearty “Velkommen!”

Q. What is that carved structure at the Open House Imports store?
A. It is a miniature version of a Norwegian grain silo, called a “stabbur.”

Q. Where is the Mustard Museum?
A. It moved away from Mount Horeb several years ago and is now located in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Q. Where are the public restrooms?
A. There are restrooms in the Welcome Center, Municipal Building and the Military Ridge Bike Trail Rest Station.

Q. How long is the Military Ridge Bike Trail?

A. It is about 40 miles – 38.6 miles to be exact (from Verona to Dodgeville).

Q. Where can I get a Bike Trail Pass?
A. Bike Trail passes are available at the Welcome Center, the Bike Trail Rest Station, and the Grumpy Troll Brewery & Restaurant. Annual – $20 or daily – $4.

Q. Where can I buy cheese?
A. Unfortunately our local cheese shop has closed. However, a wonderful map to cheese factories and shops around our area and throughout Wisconsin is available at the Welcome Center (300 E. Main St.).

Q. Can I rent bicycles anywhere in Mount Horeb?

A. Unfortunately, no. We used to have a bike rental, but it closed.

Q. When was the Mount Horeb Area Chamber of Commerce founded?
A. In 1923.

Q. What are the benefits of joining the Mount Horeb Area Chamber of Commerce?
A. There are too many benefits to list here. For a complete list of benefits, please click Benefits of Joining the Chamber.

Q. How do I get to the Mount Horeb Area Chamber of Commerce/Welcome Center?
A. We are right on Main Street! Our address is 300 E. Main St. To view a map and get directions, click here.

Q. Can you give me information about starting a business?
A. The best way to start is by viewing our Business Resources page. You can also stop by the Chamber office (300 E. Main St.) and pick up a New Business packet.

Q. How do I find out if a business is a Chamber member?
A. That’s easy! Just do a search for the business on the Member Business Directory page. If the business shows up, then it is a Chamber Member – or you can simply call our office and ask us (608-437-5914).

Q. Can I get a list of major employers and manufacturers in the area?
A. This list is available on our Workforce page.

Q. What demographic information do you have available?
A. That info is on our Demographics page.

Q. I am considering relocating to the area. Do you have any relocation information?
A. Yes! You can visit our Relocation page to find information, or click here to request a Visitor’s Guide.

Q. I will be visiting the Mount Horeb Area. What information do you have available?
A. We are a full-service visitor information center and have information about the Mount Horeb Area, including shopping, dining and lodging, as well as troll, village, county and state maps. Click here to request a Visitor Guide or stop by the Welcome Center (300 E. Main St.).

Q. How can I get a map of the Mount Horeb Area?
A. You can download one here, call us (608-437-5914) or stop into the Welcome Center (300 E. Main St.).

Q. Can you give me information about local hotels/accommodations?
A. Visit our Lodging page on our website for a complete listing.