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Troll, postcares, Mount Horeb

Postcard Assortment Pack



Text on postcards:
Mount Horeb takes the cake!
I got stewed in Mount Horeb!
Which way to the Trollway?
Trollin’ for treasures on the Trollway!
Bikin’ the trails of Mount Horeb!
Trolls yell “Fore”, stroke 7 & score 3!
Trolls make me smile!
Trolls love tractors!
Having a ball in Mount Horeb!
Velkommen to Mount Horeb!
Crusin’ the Trollway
Rakin’ in the treasures on the Trollway!
Makin’ hay on the Trollway!
Something’s brewing in Mount Horeb.
Mount Horeb is artistic & colorful!
Uff da! Mount Horeb doncha know.
Hello!  From Mount Horeb